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Pastured Heirloom Pork

From Pigglyville to your plate, our heirloom pork is born on the farm and raised on pasture and good, clean grains and minerals. Our Animal Welfare Approvedpig operation has been certified by the Animal Welfare Approved organization; we are the first farm in Michigan to be certified for pigs. Please do check out their website and requirements for farms.

Delicious, clean spices are used to make our sausage, not weird preservatives and chemicals, no MSG, no traces of gluten. We grind shoulders and legs into our sausage so that it’s leaner and tastier; we don't use just trim! All our smoked meats, such as our bacon and ham, are nitrite free and contain no MSG, BHT, or BHA. It is smoked over hickory wood (rather than treated with liquid chemical smoke).

 100% Grassfed Beef and Lamb

All our beef and lambs are pasture-raised and most are born right here on the farm. Because it's 100% grassfed, the meat is lean, clean and delicious.

Eggs from Pastured Chickens

Our heirloom breeds of poultry have the run of the place and provide us with endless entertainment. True to their omnivorous natures, they forage for part of their diet on pasture and eat bugs and worms. They are also fed organic grains and table scraps. Their varied diets produce the most delicious, nutritious eggs you've ever tasted. We do not use artificial lights on our birds, so our egg production does drop in the winter.

Chicken eggs: $6/doz

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Pastured broad-breasted chicken

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Pastured French heirloom chicken

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Stewing roosters (frozen)

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Thanksgiving turkeys

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