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Lamb 100% grassfed

Heritage breeds of hair sheep bred, born and finished on our farm. Pure, clean mild flavor. Enjoy the exquisite and delicate flavours of our 100% grass fed lamb! Nutritionally dense and yummy.

Lamb loin chops

The porterhouse cut of lamb. 1 1/4" thick. 4 per package. 100% grassfed. Bred, born and finished on our farm....

Frenched Rib Chops

Long bone Frenched Rib chops make a stunning presentation. 1 1/4" thick, 4 per package. About a pound. Our...

Ground lamb

1 pound packages. Bred, born and finished on our farm. Heritage breed hair a sheep crosses. Urge, clean flavor.

Lamb stew pieces

Our 100% grassfed lamb stew pieces from sirloin. Lean and mild. About a pound per package.

Whole leg of lamb, bone in

2.5 to 4.5 pounds. Bred, born, and finished on our farm. Heritage hair sheep crosses. Clean, pure flavor.

Lamb shanks

2 per package. Bred, born, finished on our farm. Heritage breed hair sheep crosses. Pure, clean flavor.

Lamb bones for bone broth

2-4 pounds. 100% grassfed. Pure and clean.

Lamb Liver

Our 100% grassfed hair sheep. Mild and nutritionally dense. About a pound.

Lamb Kidney

From our 100% grassfed lamb. Nutritionally dense and mild flavored. 1 kidney per package.

Lamb Heart

Our 100% grassfed lamb. Mild flavored and nutritionally dense. 1 heart per package.

100% Grassfed Lamb Bone Broth

Created from our Crane Dance Farm (bred, born and grazed here) 100% grassfed lamb bone medley, our lamb bone broth is...

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