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Pastured Heirloom Pork - Smoked Meats

Animal Welfare Approved, of course. No nitrates, No MSG, No preservatives....smoked over hickory wood. Yes, real wood, not "infused" with liquid smoke flavor!

Hickory-Smoked Bacon

Package is about one pound. Hickory smoked over wood! No nitrites. Our delicious heirloom pigs. Born here. Grazing...

Sugar-free hickory smoked bacon

Let your taste buds revel in the flavor of our pasture grown pork enhanced by live hickory wood smoke. Ingredients:...

Petite Boneless Ham

Our delicious young heirloom pork - nitrite-free, hickory smoked boneless ham. 2-3 pounds. Tender and delectable!...

Ham Hocks

Hickory smoked hocks. Great for soups, beans, greens....or crock pot with kraut...Lots of flavor.

Holiday Ham

Love our petite boneless hams? Our semi-boneless “holiday” style hams are even more flavorful. Gently warm through...

Sugar-free hickory smoked petite boneless ham

Our pasture raised pork dry rubbed with salt and celery powder enhanced by live hickory wood.

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