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Fresh Grassfed Turkeys

"Best. Turkey. Ever." November 10, 2021 update. At this point we are no longer accepting turkey reservations. If you would like to be placed on our “waiting” list, please call 616.293-1091. Each year, we hold back a number of turkeys allowing for processing errors or other unknown calamities, which are a certainty in the livestock business. Year after year, this is what our loyal customers report about the flavor and texture of our turkeys. Of course, our customers are right! Our turkeys roan and forage - feasting on bugs, greens and our unique on-farm ground supplement of non-GMO grains, seeds, probiotics and minerals. Turkeys ar an integral part of our regenerative multi-species grazing system which is designed to build solid organic matter and life - resulting in both carbon sequestration and an improved water cycle.

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