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special offers

looking for a special deal? This is the place. Usually limited supply and only available by online order. So, check here often!

Buy 3, get 1 free Stew beef special (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Our Animal Welfare Approved, certified 100% grassfed beef, of course! One special includes 4 packages (about a pound and a half each) of stew beef. You pay for 3 packages, we GIVE you a 4th package FREE! That's a savings of $14.25 per special! And brings the price of stew beef down to around $7 a pound from $9.50
1 3 pack special with 4th one free | Approx 4.5 Pounds @ $9.50/Pounds = $42.75 + $1.50 Assembly
Buy 4, get one free, Ground beef patties (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Order 1 special and we will charge you for 4 packages of our 1/3 pound ground beef patties , and pack 5 packages for you. That brings our normal $10/pound price down to $8. That's a great deal and it won't be here long!
1 buy 4, get 1 free special = $40.00 + $1.25 Assembly