Crane Dance Farm, LLC

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Pasture grown chicken

Broad breasted chickens grown Crane Dance Farm style - on pasture with room to roam. Besides all of the organic grass and bugs they can eat, we feed them our proprietary blend of non-GMO corn and whole roasted soybeans, plus organic barley, oats and wheat that we grind and mix on our farm with high quality vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The result? A super healthy, super happy, super delicious environment saving chicken.

Broad breasted chicken (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

First and Last chickens of the season! Approx. 4 1/2 to 7 pounds. Get 'em while you can! free roaming on pasture with our own proprietary Farm ground mix of Non-GMO grains, minerals and probiotics. Yum!
1 Whole broad breasted chicken | Approx 5 Pounds @ $5.50/Pounds = $27.50 + $1.00 Assembly