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Pastured Heirloom Pork - Specialties

The stuff that's hard to find....

Boneless loin roast (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Beautiful 4-6 pound boneless loin roast...roast and serve. We really like the Pork Loin Florentine recipe from the "Joy Of Cooking".
1 Roast | Approx 5 Pounds @ $11.00/Pounds = $55.00 + $1.50 Assembly
1 Roast | Approx 2 Pounds @ $11.00/Pounds = $22.00 + $0.60 Assembly
Long bone Frenched pork chops (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Impress your friends! Cut from the best part of the loin, these beautiful chops include the long trimmed baby back bone. Two per package.
1 2 pack | Approx 1.2 Lb @ $12.00/Lb = $14.40 + $0.00 Assembly
Porterhouse pork chops (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Just like the steak, these beautiful chops are cut bone in and tenderloin included from the large end of the loin. Thick, tender and juicey. 2 per package. About a pound and a half per package.
1 Pack of 2 chops | Approx 1.5 Pounds @ $14.00/Pounds = $21.00 + $0.30 Assembly
Leaf Lard (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Slowly roast to make your own healthy lard. We freeze ours in small containers for pie and pasty crusts. About 2 pounds per package.
1 package of leaf lard | Approx 2 pound @ $3.50/pound = $7.00 + $0.60 Assembly
Hallelujah Ham w/free $20 gift card (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Super delicious and leftovers are a time saver in so many ways...breakfast meat (with potatoes yum), sandwiches, soups, snacks...We generally sell out of these large hams early, but with social distancing...well, you all know. So, we are including a gratis $20 Crane Dance Farm gift card with each ham ordered. Gift card usable for future purchases.
1 Holiday Ham | Approx 10 pounds @ $9.00/pounds = $90.00 + $3.30 Assembly Out of Stock
1 Ham | Approx 13 Pounds @ $9.00/Pounds = $117.00 + $3.90 Assembly Out of Stock