Crane Dance Farm, LLC

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pet food

raw meats and organ meats we have for your pets. some people feed raw, others cook....

pet pork (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Made from retired breeding stock, this raw ground pork is an excellent food. Frozen one pound packages.
1 1 pound package | 1 pounds = $3.50 + $0.25 Assembly
1 ten pack of 1 pound packages = $32.50 + $0.25 Assembly
pork organ meats (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

a variety of heart, tongue, liver and spleen. whole, frozen. our choice of what is available at the time, but will always include at least 2 different organ meats
1 5-7 pound package organ meats | Approx 6 pounds @ $2.00/ pounds = $12.00 + $1.25 Assembly
beef organ meats (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

includes heart, liver, kidney and/ or sweet breads. Our choice of what is available, but will always include at least 2 different organ meats. Each organ individually packaged.
1 5-7 pound package | 6 5-7 pound package @ $2.00/5-7 pound package = $12.00 + $1.25 Assembly
whole turkey (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

It happens in processing. A few birds end up with blemishes. Usually superficial, they are no big deal to your canine or feline friend. These are whole, frozen birds. Usually $6 a pound, this is a great way to get pasture raised, GMO-free turkey to your pet.
1 turkey | Approx 20 pounds @ $3.50/pounds = $70.00 + $5.00 Assembly