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special offers

looking for a special deal? This is the place. Usually limited supply and only available by online order. So, check here often!

buy one, get one: boneless pork loin roast (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

These little 2ish pound roasts are excellent for making kabobs, pork bites and stir fries.  Yes, of course, you can roast them whole or cut them up into chops.  But we love making "pork bites," using a flash garlic ginger marinade, and eating them like popcorn!  A real crowd pleaser for sure.  
1 roast | Approx 2 pounds @ $10.00/pounds = $20.00 + $0.50 Assembly
Free pound of sausage with each $50 gift card (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Now through Christmas: receive a pound of sausage (your choice) with each $50 gift card purchase. Keep the sausage for yourself or give it to a friend to try. This is a gift that is local, sustainable, grassfed, humane, consumable and...delicious! Can be used at any of our drops, online ordering (like cash)J and on farm purchases. Select the sausage you want at pick up.
1 Gift card = $50.00 + $0.25 Assembly
Whole young lamb (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Young lamb cut and ready for your freezer. Includes: chops, racks, legs, shoulder steaks and roast, shank, rolled belly, ground, broth bones, and organ meats.
1 Whole lamb = $350.00 + $1.25 Assembly Out of Stock