Crane Dance Farm, LLC

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Call to order Frozen Grassfed Turkeys

Call 616.293.1091 to reserve. 18-24 pounds "Best. Turkey. Ever!" Juicy and tender, these birds are grown on our farm from day 2 - without any commercial additives (hormones, antibiotics, systemic biocides or GMO's). Instead, we grind fresh, local, GMO-free and organic grains with clean minerals, vitamins and probiotics. This, along with organically managed pastures, forages and apples makes for very healthy, happy turkeys and a super delicious and nutritious feast for you.

Lg frozen turkey, 14-22 pounds (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Broad breasted turkey grown on our chemical-free pastures with GMO-free and organic grains. Processed with water only at a small, family owned USDA facility. Vacuum sealed with neck and giblets included in the cavity.
1 Fresh frozen turkey | Approx 12 Pounds @ $6.00/Pounds = $72.00 + $3.00 Assembly