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Pastured Heirloom Pork - Specialties

The stuff that's hard to find....

Leaf Lard (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

Slowly roast to make your own healthy lard. We freeze ours in small containers for pie and pasty crusts. About 2 pounds per package.
1 package of leaf lard | Approx 2 pound @ $3.50/pound = $7.00 + $0.50 Assembly
Holiday Ham (Crane Dance Farm, LLC)

When presentation matters, out semi-boneless hams are the answer. Hickory smoked with real wood to perfection. Gently warm and serve. No added nitrites or preservatives. 10-14 pounds. please indicate size preference in notes
1 Ham | Approx 12 Pounds @ $8.00/Pounds = $96.00 + $3.00 Assembly